Company profile

Cmpany Profile:

SpidaGroup is engaged in the business of energy trading and has global market coverage through its network of affiliates and agencies in Middle East.
The company is capable of managing in-house every aspect of trading including trade negotiations, structured financing and risk management, physical movement of cargoes and storage.
The Company currently engages in trade, in its own right as principal, and in joint venture collaborations with strategic partners.
The principle businesses of SpidaGroup continue to be:
•    The worldwide physical trading of refined oil products premium gasoline, gas, diesel oil, fuel oil, liquid oil, asphalt, base oil and additive substances; loading, unloading, storing and establishing filling facility.
•    Structuring and execution of hedging transactions
•    To carry out purchase, sales, importation and exportation of manufactured, semi-manufactured and raw materials used in all chemical agents and all kinds of auxiliary chemical agents and production of them.
•    To carry out purchase, sale, production, importation and exportation of all kinds of iron-steel goods; sheet, galvanized sheet, Pipe and Tube, Valve, Pump, flange and pipe accessories.
SpidaGroup clients and counterparty list includes most of the recognized participants in the oil and energy industries. The trading book is funded in association with a limited number of first class international banks.
SpidaGroup concentrates on sales of distillates, fuel oil and it also trades gasoline and other refined products and has developed interests and opportunities beyond its core business as an oil trader. However, it has limited its diversification to areas having some synergy with oil and energy trading.
SpidaGroup is, in essence, a specialized niche energy trading company and a provider of associated services.