15th Global Oil&Gas Turkey (formerly known as TUROGE), 16 - 17 March 2016, Ankara Turkey

Global Oil&Gas Turkey is one of the best-attended oil and gas events in Turkey. It brings together major players in the industry and presents an important networking opportunity for the regional and international oil and gas community.

The International Energy Agency estimates that Turkey will likely experience the fastest medium to long-term growth in energy demand among its member countries. It is estimated that electricity, natural gas and oil demand will reach 398-434 billion kWh, 59 BCM and 59 million tons, respectively. 


Only 26% of Turkey’s energy needs are met domestically; the remainder is provided by imports. Thus, now is the right time for you to enter this market as the Turkish Government is giving priority to the private sector for financing inward investments. 


Turkey’s national energy strategy focuses on: ensuring diversified, reliable, and cost-effective supplies for domestic consumption; liberalizing its energy market; and becoming a key transit country and energy hub. Three quarters of the world's proven oil and gas resources are located in the country’s neighboring regions.