The product applied in production of resins, among melamine-formaldehyde resin to make miscellaneous coatings, fireproof cloth manufacture (melamine pyrophosphate), turbid inhibitors, disinfection in detergents (chloride melamine), fabric industries, surface coating, wood glues, waterproof glues, decoration coatings, paper industry manufacture, leather and rubber manufactures.

Crystal Melamine
Properties Unit Min.  Max.
Purity wt% Eurotechnica 99.87 Min
Ash wt% Procedure 0.03 Max
H2O wt% Procedure 0.1 Max
Color APHA Procedure 20 Max
Application : Laminates (High Pressure) - (low Pressure) , Adhesive Resins , Moulding Compounds Coatings , Dishes

Packing: 25 and 1 Mt Jumbo bags
Origin: Iran- South Pars Gas Complex