Paraxylene is primarily used as a basic raw material in the manufacture of terephthalic acid (TPA), purified terephthalic acid (PTA) and dimethyl-terephthalate (DMT). TPA, PTA and DMT are used to manufacture polyethylene terephthalate (PET) saturated polyester polymers. Polyesters are used to produce fibers and films. PET bottles are widely used for water because of its non-breakage properties as well as carbonated beverages because of good carbon dioxide barrier properties. In addition, they are light-weight, shatter-resistant and possess high tensile strength. Polyester uses include:
•    Carbonated and non-carbonated beverage containers
•    Containers for household chemicals, toiletries, cosmetics, etc.
•    Fabrics for curtains, upholstery, clothing, etc.
•    Microwave oven packaging material
•    Films for x-rays, magnetic tapes, photographic film and electrical insulation
•    Packaging for boil-in bags, processed meats, shrink films and blister packs
Also of extreme importance is the availability of various methods for recycling polyester and the wide acceptance of products produced from recycled polyester.  


# Property    Specification Value   ASTM  Method
1 Purity wt. % 99.0 min  ASTM D 3798-89
2 Non aromatics wt. % 0.2 max  ASTM D 3798-89
3 m-Xylene wt. % 0.3 max ASTM D 3798-89
4 o-Xylene wt. % 0.1max  ASTM D 3798-89
5 Ethylbenzene wt. % 0.5 max  ASTM D 3798-89
6 Toluene wt. % 0.1 max  ASTM D 3798-89
7 Appearance Clear liquid free of sedimentation VISUAL
or haze at 18.3 to 25.6 `c
8 Color, Pt-co scale 20 max  ASTM D 1209-84
9 Distillation range `c at 760 mm Hg 20 max includeing 138.3  ASTM D 850-79
10 Total Sulfur wt. ppm 1.0 max  ASTM D 4045-87
11 Specific Gravity at 15.56/15.56 `c 0.865 - 0.867 ASTM D 4052-86
Origin: Iran
Name: Para Xylene
CAS NO: 106-42-3
Other Designation: 1,4 Dimethyl Benzene / C8H10
Manufacturer: EPC (Under UOP's License)