GRADE MFI(gr/10min) Vicat Softening Point  TYPICAL APPLICATION
  (5kg) 50°C/hr(1kg)
GPPS1540 11 91 Disposable Cups & Food Containers,Pen bodies
GPPS1160 2.5 104 Foamed Sheet for Thermoforming ,Shower cabinets
GPPS1540B 11 91 Disposable Cups & Food Containers
GPPS1460 6 103 Extrusion , Foamed Sheet for Tray
GPPS1070 1.7 104 Ultra HMW for special extrusion
GPPS1240 2.5 96 Ultra HMW for special extrusion,Impact dilution and special injection molding
GPPS1340 4 97 Sheet and profile extrusion,Packaging,Dilution of impact grades for extrusion,Injection molding
GPPS1810 20 90 Petri dishes,Blood Sample tubes,Disposable beakers,Thin wall moldings
Origin: Middel East